Plasma soft surgery/Fibroblast to Tighten eyelids, eyebags and loose crepey skin

Eyelids, eyebags and crepey skin tightening with plasma sublimation/fibroblast (a well known brand is Plexr). Eradicate wrinkles, and tighten loose crepey skin immediately around the eye area.  Plasma soft surgery, (plasma sublimation, Plexr, plasma blast or fibroblast) is a treatment that can give similar results as cosmetic surgery for the signs of ageing skin without actually cutting the skin.

There has been an increase in the demand for cosmetic procedures in recent years that are less invasive, have minimum recovery time with an affordable price tag. This is a non-surgical treatment method, that provides similar results as seen with surgery.

Wrinkled, Excessive, blemished or scarred Skin Areas that will benefit from this treatment

2nd treatment 7 days post treatment



This treatment is a revolutionary method of cosmetic procedure that requires no cutting of the skin, and no injectable anaesthetics.

The generation of plasma occurs when the atmospheric gas between the instrument tip and the skin is ionized. This causes a small electrical arc which causes the contraction, tightening and shortening of the skin fibres, which will result in a reduction of the skin surface.

On the area of application it turns nitrogen and water vapour in the air to plasma using high energy. The ionic atmosphere resulted from the interaction affects the skin surface and provides a very fast resurfacing on the skin.

This procedure makes it possible to treat dermal and epidermal areas affected by aesthetic problems, without communicating an unwanted heat to the surrounding areas.

These are the advantages of Plasma Soft Surgery as opposed to traditional surgery

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NB Depending on the depth and extent of wrinkles, a course of up to 3 treatments may be decided on.  Advise will be given at consultation stage


  • Upper or Lower Eyebag Removal £160 (course of 3 £400)
  • Upper and Lower Eyebag Removal £300 (course of 3 £750)
  • Smokers Lines Upper Lip £150 (course of 3 £380
  • Smokers Lines upper and lower Lip £280 (course of 3 £700)
  • Neck skin tightening and lifting from £300
  • Mini Stomach Lift (belly skin tightening around the naval) from £300
  • Glabella Frown Lines £120 (course of £320)
  • Chin Crease Line £120 (course of 3 £3820)
  • Cheek crease lines from £250
  • Jowels from £400
  • Skin creases around ears from £200
  • Stretch marks £price on consultation
  • Pigmentation and skin blemishes from £100
  • Acne Scar Removal from £100