Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Sebaceous Hyperplasia is also known as senile sebaceous hyperplasia or seborrheic hyperplasia is a benign growth of the sebaceous (oil) glands.

Before treatment, during the healing process, and after

It most commonly occurs in middle-aged or older people.  It presents as single or multiple yellowish white bumps on the forehead, cheeks and nose and can occasionally occur on other areas such as the areola (near the nipples), chest, scrotum and penis.

Sebaceous hyperplasia appears as small whitish-yellow bumps, 1 to 3 mm in diameter. The bumps have a centrally placed tiny pit and, in some cases, visible blood vessels. The central pit is surrounded by white-yellow tiny lumps.  They are soft to touch and tend to persist without treatment.

The condition can also sometimes be seen in newborns on the nose, upper lip and forehead due to the mother’s hormones.  Very rarely, these spots can be seen in other inherited skin conditions.
The exact cause of sebaceous hyperplasia is not known. It is thought to be associated with changes in circulating androgen hormones as a person ages.

How is sebaceous hyperplasia treated?

Sebaceous hyperplasia is a benign condition and tends to persist for many years but does not grow into cancer and therefore apart for aesthetic purposes no treatment is required. If it is bothering a person it can be treated with physical methods such as cryotherapy, light cautery, fine wire diathermy, laser ablation, shave or surgical excision.

At Inskin we treat the hyperplasia by dehydrating  the blemish with thermolysis emitted via a tiny surgical probe. This results in a scab which will heal to reveal cleaner skin with minimal risk of scarring and pigmentation.

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