Rosacea Treatments

Rosacea is a common problem mainly in women more so than men but can be a concern to all people usually over the age of 35.

Rosacea – symptoms showing reddened skin and broken capillaries

Hotness and flushing of the skin often in a “butterfly” pattern on the face is a typical sign of Rosacea.  It can be uncomfortable, sensitive and can also manifest itself as acne in acne rosacea.

Whilst Rosacea cannot be cured, the symptoms can be treated and typically the problem diminishes the closer we are to the age of 50, we have treatments that can help the problem.


Typical Causes of Rosacea
  • Rosacea results when there is increased blood flow to the surface of the skin. The exact cause is unknown, but a combination of hereditary and environmental factors is responsible. Some of the triggers include:
  • Gender, women are more prone to the condition
  • Fair skin
  • Age, people above 30 years are at risk
  • Family history
  • Hot drinks
  • Spicy foods
  • Alcohol
  • Extremes in temperatures
  • Sunlight
  • Extreme weather changes
  • Emotional situations
  • Strenuous exercises
  • Cosmetics
  • Certain medications, such as blood pressure medications


How we can Help

Rosacea Facial with Light Therapy

To aid with redness and inflammatory skin:

This lovely facial includes calming smoothing cleanser, anti-Redness serum and colour correct.  The facial also includes light therapy targeting the redness and inflamed skin

All products used in facial also available to purchase for home treatment products

Broken Capillary Correction

a typical symptom of rosacea is tiny broken capillaries which often contribute to the ongoing redness of the skin.

this is treated simply and precisely by tiny cauterisations to the capillary thread vein correction


We can also supply the rosacea specific take home products to ensure you are helping the skin the best that you can.

Rosacea skin care take home skin regime

The skin regime of products as a standalone purchase is £66.50

If you purchase the Rosacea skin regime as part of the Rocacea Facial with light therapy this is included with an excellent discount of over 15%


  • Rosacea Facial with light therapy £65
  • Rosacea Facial with light therapy plus take home products £120
  • Broken Capillary Correction £80 (from)