Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPN)

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPN) is a condition of many small, benign dark skin lesions on the face (and sometimes trunk of the body), a condition generally presenting on dark-skinned individuals.
DPN is extremely common, affecting up to 35% of Black and some Asian people.

Morgan Freeman has DPN on his skin – just adds to his character!

They can resemble seborrheic keratosis and may be considered cosmetically undesirable to some people.  The well-known actor Morgan Freeman has them on his face and considered part of his character.

Lesions generally emerge during puberty, increasing steadily in number and size as an individual ages. The size of the lesions are anything from 1mm – 5mm typically. Black people with a fair complexion have the lowest frequency of involvement. Females are affected more frequently than males, although an example on a male can be seen in the well known actor Morgan Freeman. The cause of dermatosis papulose nigra is unknown, although about half of people affected have a family history of the condition.
Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPN) lesions are benign and removal of them is not necessary unless for cosmetic purposes. At Inskin, we treat DPN by working with a very precise probe emitting an Alternating Current of diathermy (thermolysis) which cauterises/dries out the DPN, these in turn fall away from the skin after a few days.

A medical form and test patch will be completed prior to treatment Please see details to ascertain if a person is suitable for treatment. If a person is prone to keloid scarring or pigmentation, this may not be suitable for them. The treatment will take place at our Inskin Clinic in Altrincham, Manchester.


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  • Full consultation and test patd (30 - 45 mins) redeemed against treatment £45
  • Minimum treatment (up to 15 mins) (small amount of dpn) £150
  • Retreat of same small area if required (up to 15 mins) £75
  • up to 30 minute treatment (for a large amount of DPN) £225
  • Retreat of same larger area of DPN if required £100