B12 Injections

B12 Injections


B12 Injections are becoming increasingly popular to optimise health and performance.

We are proud to offer this highly sought after treatments at Inskin.

So whether you desire to enhance performance mentally for work or exams, promote health, nails or skin, optimise immunity and energy or support fat burning and dieting, our treatments represent the best in the UK in intravenous and intramuscular nutrition.  B12 Intramuscular vitamin boosters take just seconds   It doesn’t take long to start feeling refreshed, re-energised and revitalised.

Vitamin B booster – B12 is to the human body what petrol is to the car, without it you are not getting anywhere!  Ideal whether you have a restrictive diet, are fighting fatigue or preparing for a big event.  Chosen to improve energy levels and support cognitive performance and aid sleep and mood.


  • Vitamin B12 £32