Syringomas (fleshy or yellow bumps on or under eyelids)

Syringomas are  benign eccrine sweat duct tumours,  typically found clustered on or under eyelids, although they may also be found in the armpits, abdomen, chest, neck, scalp or groin area in a symmetric pattern. They are skin-coloured or yellowish firm, rounded bumps, 1–3 mm in diameter, and may be confused with milia, and xanthelasma.

They are more common in women and are most commonly found in middle-aged Asian women. While they can present at any time in life, they typically present during adolescence. They are usually not associated with any other symptoms although can sometimes cause itchiness or irritation.



Treatment is with short wave diathermy (thermolysis) to dry up the syringomas so that scabbing occurs and heals to reveal smoother skin.  More than one treatment may be required.


  • 1 treatment - Eye area £145
  • Course of 3 treamtments £395