Thread Veins and Other Vascular Lesions

Thread Vein Removal is a very popular treatment, these little veins are more common as we get older, becoming more obvious after mid-life, when the skin becomes thinner and starts to noticeably lose its elasticity. Young people can also have them.

Thread Veins, Spider Veins, Blood Spots Removal at Inskin Clinic Altrincham, Manchester

Picture shows large vein on nose before treatment

Thread Veins, Spider Veins, Blood Spots Removal at Inskin Clinic Altrincham, Manchester

After treatment (focus on large vein removed)


Thread veins and spider veins

These are easily treated at Inskin using diathermy or a combination of diathermy and galvanic current which coagulates the blood. This is a heat based treatment via a tiny surgical probe which either cauterises or coagulates the capillary causing the vessel to close resulting in removal of the thread vein.  Results can be immediate.

What causes thread veins and spider veins? (Telangectasia)

There are so many causes of unsightly thread veins, here is list of just a few of them:
Acne rosacea, Aging, Excessive alcohol, Allergies such as hay fever), Birth marks, Chemotherapy, Circulatory disorders, Diabetes, Comedone extraction, Fragility of the skin, Hormones, Hereditary, Harsh exfoliation, High blood pressure, Menopause, Physical trauma, Pregnancy and childbirth, Rosacea, Smoking, Extreme temperature changes, Harsh weather, General wear and tear (such as spectacle wearing) and many more.

large network of thread and spider veins before treatment

results after 1 treatment

Thread veins and spider veins can be found on the legs and face (usually on the cheeks and around or on the nose) as we age. They are blood capillaries that have become permanently distended and dilated – or occasionally broken. Minor veins and vessels have very thin walls which constantly dilate and constrict. Sometimes as we get older these blood vessels lose their elasticity and can become permanently dilated leading to thread veins. Normally, these tiny veins and blood vessels in the skin are invisible. Once permanently dilated, the blood is trapped and shows through as a thread vein. The treatment we use permanently closes down these tiny blood vessels causing the thread veins.  Fantastic results are achieved immediately.  If the veins are on the legs we treat these with micro sclerotherapy

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