Fat dissolving mesotherapy injections

Fat dissolving mesotherapy injections are the answer for those stubborn fatty deposits that exercise and diet wont shift.

Pinch an inch that isn’t wanted?

There are other procedures rather than surgery that you can turn to such as fat dissolving with mesotherapy injections To help improve those problem areas such as under the chin, jowls, back and much more, then the fat dissolving mesotherapy injections could be the answer for you.

Often described as ‘non-surgical liposuction’, this treatment has been used for over 20 years in many countries as a fat-dissolving agent to help reduce those annoying exercise and diet resistant small fatty deposits.

The treatment involves a series of small injections of adipo forte containing phosphatidycholine and deoxycholate acid

Dissolve unwanted fat with a few small injections

Mesotherapy is the same procedure but using a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and pharmaceuticals to help give skin that smooth youthful look we all crave.

This is a safe & effective procedure and works by breaking down the fat cells in the fat tissues.  Some people will need up to 3 sessions depending on size of area and this can be done all over body more commonly under chin and stomach and sides. The area initially swells and becomes irritated and then this settles after around 2 days.  Results are seen from 2 weeks after treatment.

Areas commonly treated:

No need for liposuction, fat dissolving mesotherapy injections will target the areas that wont budge.



  • Under Chin £99
  • Part Stomach (lower or Upper part of stomach) £170
  • Course of 3 upper or lower stomach (recommended) £470
  • Full Stomach £325
  • Course of 3 full stomach (recommended) £900
  • Upper arms (Bingo Wings) £180
  • Course of 3 Upper arms (recommended) £490
  • Fat pads on face can also be addressed £99
  • other areas £Priced at consultation