Lipomas are usually located just under the skin, between your skin and the underlying muscle layer.

They are slow growing soft fatty lumps and feel doughy to touch and are usually shaped like a dome. They usually aren’t tender and will move readily with slight finger pressure.  Often Lipomas are detected in middle age and some people have more than one.  Lipomas are usually harmless and any treatment is usually just for cosmetic purposes or comfort.  They generally don’t cause any pain or other symptoms, any discomfort will depend on where on the body it is and the size of it.


Lipomas are common and to distinguish them the following are typical of them:


large lipoma on shoulder

NB, it is necessary to check with a GP if you have any lumps that appear on the body to confirm whether it is a lipoma or perhaps a cyst or whether it requires further investigation

And you most definitely need to see your GP if you have a lump that

if you have a cyst, we can remove these for you See details for cyst removal


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  • Uncomplicated Lipomas on arms less than 4cm £310
  • Uncomplicated lipomas on legs less than 4cm £335
  • Lipomas on Upper/Mid back, Scalp, Buttocks less than 3cm £410
  • Lipomas on Chest, Abdomen, Lower back under 3 cm £360
  • Large lipomas £500 - 800