Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag Removal – Fibroepithelial Polyp/Papilloma or Acrochordon

Skin tags are very common and they often appear on a neck somewhat like a tiny mushroom. Skin tags vary in size from smaller than a grain of uncooked rice to larger than a broad bean. They are often associated with friction either skin against skin or skin against clothing and so they are often found in the groin, under the breasts, around the neck and under the armpits.  These fleshy lumps can grow either on their own, or several in a cluster, skin tag removal is easily achieved.

skin tags underarm


The colour of a skin tag is usually the same as the surrounding skin, but they can become darker and therefore more noticeable often being mistaken for moles.
Some skin tags have a clearly defined stalk which attaches it to the body while others have developed with the whole body growing off the skin.


The tag is held firmly by tweezers and the neck is cauterised by diathermy heat current via a fine probe and the tag is then detached.  A scab will occur from the remaining section of the neck of the tag which once healed will drop off to reveal clean skin.

Alternatively if the tag is of a similar thickness throughout the neck and body, a method is used to dehydrate the blemish.  This will then die and detach itself a couple of days or so after treatment.

skin tag removal

This amount of typical tags with small attachment can be removed in 15 min treatment

The type of tag, the area in which the skin tag is located, and client comfort will determine the best treatment process.

Please note, we do not treat skin tags that are not easily accessible due to the nature of the process. eg delicate genital areas or anal.




  • Single Tag £60/85 depending on size of attachment type to skin
  • Multiple within a 15 minute Treatment £95
  • Multiple within a 30 minute Treatment £160
  • Additional 15 mins of treatment £70