Milia Removal – Safe and Effective Treatment



Milia Removal

What is Milia Removal?

Milia Removal is a safe effective clinical treatment here at Inskin.

Milia are tiny white hard lumps containing keratin (protein)which lie superficially under the surface of the skin. 

They can be quite difficult to cover with makeup and give the skin a bumpy surface.

The exact cause for Milia is unknown although they are often associated with dry dehydrated skin.

Other causes can be higher cholesteral levels or hereditary. 

The condition commonly occurs around the eyes, cheekbones and eyelids.


How is the condition treated?

Over the years the most common Milia Removal treatment was by pricking with the Milia with a pin and the keratin squeezed out but this causes damage to the skin and is not very sterile.

It is a very simple process to eliminate milia safely and effectively by use of diathermy heat current. 

A small probe is inserted into each milia and a heat current is used to melt the keratin.  The milia is either absorbed into the body or a tiny crust formed that heals to reveal fresh skin.

The treatment is quick, sterile and safe. The skin surrounding the milia is not damaged and the milia is cleared.


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