Pigmentation can also be known as Melasma and Age Spots, another term for this is hyperpigmentation 

Pigmentation – large amount on skin

Pigmentation refers to patches of pigmented skin – “dark spots” – that have been darkened by the clustering of excess melanin and uneven production of melanin throughout the layer of skin. These irregular patches often occur because of sun exposure and damage, inflammation, cuts or hormonal changes.

These dark spots are very stubborn and become more pronounced with time instead of fading away naturally.  Often they become darker when exposed to the sun.

The skin stops producing new cells as a person ages hence pigmentation becoming more obvious. The old cells accumulate over time and give the skin a very dull appearance.

How to treat pigmentation

We have various methods that aid in diminishing and clearing pigmentation, melasma, age spots.


Microneedling can help lighten these dark spots by encouraging your skin’s wound-healing response.

Microneedling involves piercing the skin with small sterile needles on an automated “pen”  to create microscopic wounds. This triggers your skin’s wound-healing response, and after this, new, healthy skin can form that matches your normal skin tone. This reduces the appearance of dark spots.

This is called the collagen induction therapy because the small injuries made to the skin cause surface which compels the body to start its healing process. Over a period of 10 to 14 days, new collagen is formed to cover up the injuries. This new layer of skin is free from any kind of spots or marks.

Dark spots of both the epidermis and the dermis layers of the skin can be reduced with the help of micro needling. The micro needling procedure requires 4 to 6 sessions with a gap of 4 to 8 weeks between each session. The skin starts responding after the first session itself and at the end of the whole procedure, your skin will be more rejuvenated, brighter and lacking hyperpigmentation

Full list of microneedling prices see micro-needling

Pigmentation patch

Benefits of microneedling?

Microneedling for dark spots is the best treatment method because it is chemical-free and induces the body to naturally heal itself. There are no side effects and the results last for a long time. It is effective for all skin types and offers a no fail dark spot treatment.

When to avoid microneedling

Can microneedling make the pigmentation worse?

Microneedling may worsen dark spots if your skin scars or becomes inflamed easily. If this is the case, microneedling may cause more inflammation. Following this, your body will send white blood cells to fight off bacteria and infection. This can trigger the production of more melanin, which can then form dark spots or worsen those that are already there.

Can microneedling make melasma worse?

There is no evidence of this and there are studies supporting it as an effective treatment for melasma. However, it could make melasma worse if your skin scars or becomes inflamed easily.

Advanced techniques with Diathermy

This is excellent for small darker patches of pigmentation

Working with a tiny precision probe that emits a currency of shortwave diathermy, smaller areas of dark pigmentation can be targeted to injure and dehydrate the surface of the pigmentation, pigmentation may in some instances be lifted off the skin.

After treatment, there will naturally be some scabbing which can last up to 2 weeks. Up to 3 treatments are recommended with a minimum of 4 week periods in between treatments so that the skin is fully healed and outcomes of initial treatment revealed.


This is a mechanical exfoliation of the skin and  helps to slough off the dead cells on the skin and to stimulate cell regeneration which in turn.  See microdermabrasion

Skin Products for Pigmentation

Pigmentation skin regime take home products

We provide excellent products for the treatment of pigmentation and can provide a complete skin regime of take home products excellent for use in between treatments of any of the above methods in accordance with specific treatment protocols.  If purchased as a standalone skin regime without treatment the cost is £77.50.

A significant saving is made if purchased as part of a treatment package


  • Microneedling small patch per treatment £90
  • Microneedling Full Face £195
  • Take home skin regime for pigmentation purchased with a treatment £65
  • Thermolysis - small patch per treatment £115
  • Thermolysi - large patch or 2-5 smaller patches £185
  • Microdermabrasion per treatment £45