Sun Damage, Age Spots, Pigmentation and Melasma – another term for this is hyperpigmentation

Treated with our Cynosure Elite Laser

Sun damaged skin is often a main concern with skin ageing.  Too much sun exposure over the years can cause sun spots (age spots) and pigmentation.  In a prolonged period are all too evident in the photographs below.   Solar Lentignes (sun spots), fine lines and a thickening and coarsening texture to the skin are typical features of over exposure to the sun.

The formation of pigmentation can be due to a number of reasons, typically from sun damage and also hormonal changes (melasma) that can result in permanent scarring or darkening on the skin. Traditionally pigmentation, freckles and sunspots have been difficult to treat however, with the advanced research behind laser treatments, technology such as the Cynosure Laser has been created to effectively treat pigmentation.

Pigmentation – large amount on skin

Pigmentation refers to patches of pigmented skin – “dark spots” – that have been darkened by the clustering of excess melanin and uneven production of melanin throughout the layer of skin.

These dark spots are very stubborn and become more pronounced with time instead of fading away naturally.  Often they become darker when exposed to the sun.

The skin stops producing new cells as a person ages hence pigmentation becoming more obvious. The old cells accumulate over time and give the skin a very dull appearance.

Removing Age Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Although age spots are harmless, if you have them on your face, hands, arms or décolleté, you may feel self-conscious of your appearance, which can limit what you wear and the activities you take part in.

Cynosure Elite laser system

It is now possible to remove these blemishes without the need for surgery or cosmetic bleaching Focusing on improving and lightening the pigment in your skin cells, it is possible to remove these dark patches of skin in just a few treatment sessions.  This is thanks to the fact that the areas of skin with extra pigment selectively absorb the laser light, which causes the melanin to rapidly heat up and break down.  Once released your body disposes of the waste pigment through its normal processes, offering a natural treatment option for hyperpigmentation.  Overall the treatment reduces the appearance of the pigmentation, l removing darker areas with minimal discomfort without affecting the surrounding skin. As a result you will be left with a more even skin pigmentation and healthy looking skin.

Thermolysis precision treatment

This is for singular small areas of pigmentation is available also, this is treated by removing from the skin (epidermal pigmentation only).  We invite you to book a full consultation and test patch Please see details  prior to pigmentation treatment with this method.

Pigmentation patch


pigmentation spot remove

before and after of a pigmentation spot removed

Laser treatment

cynosure laser treatment

Aquapure hydra dermabrasion

This is a superb medical grade treatment aids skin maintenance and tone, hydration and texture aiding to even out the skin tone and stimulate cell regeneration which in turn aids in diminishing superficial pigmentation  See Aquapure


Medik8 Skin Peels

A brightening peel targeting sun damage, hyperpigmentation and dull, uneven skin. Helps to restore a more oven and radiant complexion. Home care products and aftercare products can be provided to support these excellent peels.  Known as the 12 weeks to Wow Medik8 Skin Peels

Skin Products for Pigmentation

We provide excellent products for the treatment of pigmentation and can provide a complete skin regime of take home products excellent for use in between treatments of any of the above methods in accordance with specific treatment protocols.




  • Cynosure Laser Test Patch and Consultation £25
  • Small area with Cynosure Laser £125 per session
  • Medium sized area with Laser (eg cheeks and nose) £250 per session
  • Large sized area (eg full face) with Laser £350 per session
  • Legs with Cynosure Laser £400
  • Initial consultation and test patch with Thermolysis £45
  • Pigmentation treatment with Thermolysis, 1 small patch (1 cm or less) £130
  • Aquapure medical grade facial £120 per session
  • Aquapure £550 course of 5
  • Medik8 peels course of 6 £499
  • Medik8 supportive home care products targeting pigmentation £individually priced