Special day or night? We have the perfect peel for a dewy skin on the day that matters!! “The Red Carpet Peel”

Inskins new gentle Facial peel is an exciting addition to the clinic for enhanced skin brightening and rejuvenation.  This peel offers results with no dryness or flaking, just a dewy hydrated finish which is an amazing platform for your makeup on any special day or evening.  We call it “The Red Carpet Peel”

This gentle lactobotanical peel by Dr Aspect works on the epidermis only, superbly but gently exfoliating the skin and is extremely hydrating giving the skin a true glow.

This is the peel to ensure your skin is looking its best on any special day.  There is no down time to this peel – the proper preparation to looking your best on the night or day starts here.

Dr Aspect Lactobotanical peel is an effective alternative to Glycolic Acid Peels.  We will assess your skin and work with the most suitable % concentration for you personally.  Treatment is approx. 30 mins, costs £50 and assists with:

  • Smooth hydrated skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Youthful appearance
  • Better Product and makeup application
  • Skin with a true glow

Here’s another thought –

A common mistake when wanting to look your best – we forget about our hands and decolatage!

These areas age so quickly and exposed often to the sun but we forget about these areas so often.  Yes, have a fabulous manicure with us, but what about the actual skin on your hands – do they stand the test of time?  This is where our peels come in.  At Inskin, treat yourself to a manicure with a difference – one that starts with a peel for your hands.  A hand peel is just £40.

With the summer peeping its head, so are our decolatages!!   With our Dr Aspect peel, we can smooth out the skin and pigmentation the area glow with youthfullness.  The decolatage peel is just £50

To enhance the experience and effectiveness even further, try having a session of Dermalux light therapy as part of the treatment for an additional £30.