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All peels are £60

Dr Anna Fryer based at Inskin uses Fillmed  medical range of Peels

How many treatments are required?

Four treatments are carried out two weeks apart each, form part of the treatment schedule.

Who cannot use this product?

Patients with darker skin shades are not recommended to use this product, as it can cause uneven patches of colouring.  Also, patients that are pregnant or breastfeeding should refrain from using this product.  Do not use this product if you have had recent laser surgery on your skin or skin conditions such as eczema.

What side effects could occur with this product?

Sun exposure should be avoided for the first two days following treatment and use sunscreen thereafter (SPF 50) whilst the skin is still in its healing stage.

Possible side effects following treatment could include skin flaking, itchiness, redness and oedema.

Fillmed Light PeelFILLMED Light Peel - 600708_2

Is specially formulated for sensitive skins to iron out fine lines and wrinkles, whilst making the skin appear radiant and bright again. Youthfulness is restored to the skin. The Mandelic Acid works as the active ingredient to function as a peel on sensitive skin. If you have a dull complexion, then Fillmed Light Peel can work miraculously to make your appearance look healthier with a natural glow.

It is ideal as an anti-ageing solution, for patients wanting to erase the first signs of ageing, without needles and injections.


Smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles

Creating a radiant glow

Eradicate dead cells and promote new cell growth

Fillmed Time PeelFILLMED Time Peel - 600709_2


Anti-wrinkles – Firmness

Normal Skin

Indications:- Wrinkles, sagginess

Active ingredients: 50% Peeling complex Gluconolactone + Glycolic acid. pH = 1


Fillmed Bright Peel

FILLMED Bright Peel - 600710_2


Anti-dark spots – even complexion

Normal Skin

Indications:- Age spots, dullness

Active ingredients: 50% Peeling complex, Gluconolactone + Phytic acid + Citric acid + Glycolic acid, pH = 1.5


 Dr Aspect Lactobotanical Peel

(light peel, peel and party!)  Here at Inskin we also offer a gentle alternative where you can have the peel and be radiant for the party later that night.

We call it the Red Carpet peel as a Dr Aspect peel works on the epidermis only, superbly but gently exfoliating the skin and is extremely hydrating giving the skin a true glow.

This is the peel to ensure your skin is looking its best on any special day.  There is no down time to this peel – the proper preparation to looking your best on the night or day starts here.

Dr Aspect Lactobotanical peel is an effective alternative to Glycolic Acid Chemical Skin Peels.  We will assess your skin and work with the most suitable % concentration for you personally.  Treatment is approx. 30 mins and assists with:

·         Smooth hydrated skin

Dr Aspec Chemical Skin Peels

Dr Aspec mild peels for dewy skin

·         Pigmentation

·         Youthful appearance

·         Better Product and makeup application

·         Skin with a true glow


To enhance the experience and effectiveness even further, try having a session of Dermalux light therapy as part of the treatment.

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  • Fillmed Light, Time or Bright Peels with Dr Anna Fryer £60
  • Course of 4 £220
  • "Red Carpet" Dr Aspect Peel 20% or 30% - one treatment £50
  • "Red Carpet" Dr Aspect Peel - Hands or Decolatage £40
  • Course of 6 "Red Carpet" Dr Aspect Peel 20% or 30% £Book for 6 and pay for 5
  • Additional LED treatment on top of peel to enhance results £30 per session