HD Brows, High Definition Brows

HD Brows, High Definition Brows is a unique treatment that uses a combination of techniques to create a groomed, precise and clean eyebrow. It can completely change the way you look, seemingly giving you a mini face or eyelift.

Lauren Coombes is our professional makeup artist with 10 years’ experience in the professional makeup and beauty industry who also works within the TV and Media for model shoots and advertising.  She fully understands how to make the most of your face. 

The impact of a well-defined and shaped brow is vastly underrated! Brows frame the eyes, lend contrast to eye and skin tones and most importantly, define the face with your individual personality.

That’s why the way you shape and finish your brows should be part of your daily makeup routine: because there’s only one you and brows help define who you are.

Unlike normal eyebrow shaping, the HD Brows technique takes into account colouring, face shape and customised aftercare for each client.

Maintenance is required on HD Brows, so depending on hair growth and how long your hair keeps the tint colour, this will range from between 4-6 weeks.

This isn’t just shaping and tidying… HD Brows is eyebrow artistry.



HD Brows Before and After



  • HD Brows 30 mins £25