Julie Johnson

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I work with every aspect of electrology that there is and am a member of the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis and also a practioner for Bupa, I also have the coveted Advanced Cosmetic Procedure post graduate qualification and the specialist certificate for work with the transgender community.   I can treat a wide range of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures with electrology including of course, permanent hair removal.  I also work with Medical Grade 4 Laser for hair removal.

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures with Electrology techniques provide fast, cost effective results for all kinds of lumps and bumps on the skin varying from moles to warts, skin tags to thread veins and verrucas.  Some of the results are immediate, such as smaller skin tags, blood spots, thread veins, milia and some pigmentations and cysts.  Others may take more than one session.  Amazing results are achieved, with no scarring and often no sign of the blemish left to show that a problem existed.

As an aesthetic nurse I am qualified for working with injectable wrinkle smoothing toxins for smoother unlined skin.  The innovative new treatment plasma sublimation for eradicating excess skin is also a speciality of mine (Plasma Blast).  This is a treatment that tightens the skin including upper and lower eyebags – no need to go under the knife for excellent results.

Microblading is fast becoming the most wanted treatment in semi-permanent makeup and I can achieve amazing brows for both men and women, whether they have a few bald patches or a complete new brow is required.

For problematic skin I also work with skin peels, light therapy, medical grade skin needling, micreodermabrasion, clinical products and skin tightening with radiofrequency.

I first became interested in skin concerns and the treatment of them when I myself was diagnosed with Rosacea over 14 years ago.  I found this a difficult and embarrassing problem and have full empathy with others suffering with any kind of problematic skin or unsightly blemishes.  

I co-own the Inskin Group along with my husband Graham Johnson.