Graham Johnson

I graduated at Camberwell School of Arts, London, way back, and dabbled in tattoos even then whilst creating illustrations and bespoke designs for tattoo artists.

I spent a long time working in design and illustration and then went into the education of art.  I am still Head of Arts at a college.  I am now a self taught tattoo artist and now get the chance to create pieces of art onto people’s skin.  This is such satisfying work.  I work with every medium there is in art but to actually create a piece to be adorned by someone forever is a huge Privilege and responsibility.

I work with the differing tattoo styles, depending on what it is that people want.  I will always try to add my own enhancement to their choices to upgrade the overall tattoo picture but of course the choice is theirs.  I prefer 3D realism and watercolour tattoos but enjoy traditional and various other schools too. Watercolour tattoos can be designed in actual watercolour onto paper first off, then that is yours to keep.

I work closely with art generally and apart from still teaching it, I exhibit work through the  Wirral Society of Arts of which I am a member.

I love my tattoo room and the fact that it is based within a beautiful suite of rooms.  I am finding that a whole new group of people are coming forward for tattoos who wouldn’t normally approach a traditional style tattoo studio which is great.

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