Covid-19 Secure for Medical and Close Contact Treatments

Here at Inskin we take client/patient and staff health and wellbeing very seriously.  Please be assured that we adhere to strict protocol guidelines for Medical, Clinical and Close Contact treatments.

When you have an appointment booked, please be advised of the following:

a) Appointments have been carefully timed to ensure adequate time is in place for social distancing and cleaning in between treatments – please arrive at the actual time agreed

b)  On arrival to your appointment we will be asking you to sign to confirm that you do not have a new cough, high temperature or loss of sense of smell and taste.  We will be unable to continue with your appointment if you are aware of any of these symptoms.  We will also be contacting you prior to appointment to ensure that you are able to attend your appointment in respect of Covid 19

c)  If you are told by NHS track and trace that you have had contact with someone with Covid-19 please self isolate for 14 days and do not attend clinic for your appointment, please advise us that you need to rearrange.

d) Please download the NHS test and track app if you havent done so already and check into our clinic -our code is displayed on the wall by reception and other areas.

d)  For some aesthetic treatments and for new clients we will be providing remote consultations and remote consent forms

Please feel assured we are using Government and Medical protocols in terms of Covid-19 Security

As a skin clinic, we have extremely high standards in hygiene, we have added further precautions and so here is a combined outline of hygiene and best practice and what to expect when you attend your appointment at Inskin:

  1. Please ensure that you advise us of your arrival to your appointment by using the intercom system.
  2. You will be asked to sit in the waiting area signposted for Inskin Appointments until asked to enter the clinic
  3. We ask that you bring only yourself to the appointment where possible
  4. We will automatically spray your hands with anti-viral sanitising solution on arrival at the clinic, we will also provide hand sanitising facilities within the clinic
  5. We ask that you wear a mask until actual treatment.  We also have spare masks and may ask you to wear one.
  6. All the team at Inskin will be wearing appropriate PPE which can include visas, masks, gloves, aprons
  7. All our team has a recent Infection Control certificate
  8. Our Reception desk has a Covid safety screen and distance signeage
  9. Our Reception is arranged so as to ensure social distancing
  10. All equipment, and public areas are religiously wiped with antibacterial solutions (this includes chairs, clipboards, pens, doors/handles, intercom)
  11. All clinic equipment used for treatments will be wiped with medical and anti viral wipes (or if of a disposable nature, they will be disposed of correctly)
  12. All our clinic floors are regularly steamed
  13. Tissues will be readily available  in all areas within Inskin for any coughs or sneezes and a bin provided specifically for these tissues which will be disposed as per our medical waste bins
  14. For the time being, we can only offer you cooled filtered water to drink for your comfort and this will be from disposable cups
  15.  We will ask for a £15 deposit prior to your appointment so that our system can securely store your card details and therefore we are able to take payment on the day without use of cards or machines.  This will also act as a cancellation charge at our discretion if we are not notified that you wish to cancel 48 hrs in advance of appointment time.  We can also provide direct debit facilities for regular customers.  If we need to use a card machine, this will be cleaned in between each use.
  16. We have thermal contactless thermometers which we may use to check for fevers if we feel the need arises
  17. We have various signeage thoughout the clinic that we ask you to adhere to

We thank you for your understanding