A few of the different types of laser hair removal

When you put your trust in our nurses, doctors, and clinical professionals, you are sure to receive first class treatments. We provide numerous services for in, on, and under the skin. For example, our medical grade laser hair removal can result in a 0-90% reduction of hair in around 6-9 treatments.

Hair removal

Medical grade laser hair removalMost people who want to remove hair don’t enjoy how much effort it takes to keep on top of it. This can be painful and you might realise you did not get all of it later on. Even more frustrating, it will grow back again in time. You might not like having excessive hair in areas or enjoy the look and feel of hairless skin. While you can buy laser equipment for use at home, this can be very expensive and is not as effective as professional options.

More and more people are looking into permanent and more effective options for removing hair. If this is the case for you, we can help. We can offer advice about different types of hair removal and decide which is best for you.

Different types of laser hair removal

Many clinics offering laser hair removal use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) rather than a laser. Here the equipment uses a broad spectrum of light wavelengths and tends to cover a wider area. Laser treatments on the other hand target smaller areas and have a very focus spectrum of light. As a result it can penetrate deeper into the skin and also reduce the risk of damage.

Why use a medical grade laser?

laser hair removalWe do not use IPL; instead, we use LightSheer DESIRE. This is a powerful medical grade 4 laser that can deal with even stubborn facial hair. In as little as one treatment you could see results. It is suitable for all skin types, all pigmented hair, and hormonal imbalances. Our hair removal services require fewer treatments than IPL and can achieve superior results with next to no pain.

Our specialist team knows how to provide effective treatments and first class customer care. Check out our great prices for medical grade laser hair removal for different areas of the body. If you want to know more, feel free to get in touch with us.