Semi-Permanent Lipliner

Semi-permanent lip liner enhances your lips, gives them the defined shape you are looking for and beautifully coloured lipliner that doesn’t smudge

Lips are something that a lot of us are not overly happy about.   If you are not happy about yours, there is another way to enhance your lips, give them the defined shape you are looking for without plumping them up and that is with semipermanent makeup.

This is a way of keeping your lips in a perfect shape without having to constantly apply lipliner.

We work with beautiful natural pigments to give you a liner slightly darker than your natural lip shade to enhance, shape and recreate that beautiful cupids bow!

Do any of the following apply to your natural lips?

Beautifully coloured and natural looking lip-liner by semi-permanent makeup

Then this could be the way forward for you.


Book your consultation and we can work through the perfect shape for you


  • Lipliner £235