Acrylic and Speciality Nails

Acrylic – how to achieve long lasting beautiful nails that you have always dreamed of

Some of us find that the inability to grow natural nails to a pleasing length is extremely frustrating.  This is why so many people turn to Acrylic nails or nail enhancements for the durability and long lasting effects.

There are many advantages to having acrylic nails namely that they are strong and long lasting and can last as long as you would like them to assuming that proper maintenance is in place.

Many differing looks can be achieved from natural looking French polish look to inset crystals and glamour nails.  So why not try them and have the nails you have always dreamed of.

Polish and gels can also be put over acrylics if you fancy changing the colours of them whenever you like.

For the average nail growth, an infill will be required approx. every two weeks for properly maintained acrylic nails. 


  • Acrylic Full Set, Clear or White Tips £20
  • Acrylic Full Set with polish £23
  • Acrylic Full Set with Gel/Glitter/Ombre £30
  • Infills - with Varnish £15
  • Infills - with Gel/Glitter/Ombre/Coloured £25
  • Acrylic - Take Off £10
  • Acrylic - Take off and New Full Set £25
  • Repairs Per Nail £3
  • Designs from £3