Plexr results upper and lower eyelid/bag results

We had a demonstration on 21st September for upper and lower eyelid and eyebag removal curtesy of Dr Sirhan Elvi.

This was with the amazing new treatment known as soft surgery with PLEXR.


Dr Elvi is now working from Inskin, Altrincham with this innovative treatment to treat baggy eyelids and eyebags, smokers upper lip lines, neck lifts and stretch marks.

I was lucky enough to have the treatment and wow – cant believe how brilliant it is!

Firstly strong anaesthetic cream was applied 30 mins before treatment and then the treatment began.  It was a strange feeling, slightly stingy but nothing near as scary as having a tooth filled!

I had treatment on upper eyelids (one of my lids was a lot droopier than the other so needed slightly more attention).  Loose skin on lower eyebags treated also.

PLEXR works by vaporising excess skin so is perfect for the creased and baggy eyelids that some of us are unfortunate to get as we get older.  Further details of the actual treatment on


Upper and lower eyes before treatment


7 days after treatment


If anything, I might have another treatment on the under eyes (often a course of 3 is suggested, but we are taking it step by step) but even with the one treatment, the lower section of the under eye area is really smoothed out and this was the area concentrated on.


Upper and lower treatment only took about 25 mins and cost is just £700 for both areas.


Here is how it panned out:


one upper eye treated, rest of treatment area with anaesthetic cream


4 days after treatment, some scabbing left but foundation covering it

Day 1: treatment done, no after pain, bit hot but put witchazel on and was great

Day 2: full day of work no problem, no swelling, used hydrating foundation

Day 3: eyes swelled up, especially lower eyes

Day 4: eyes much calmer, some itching happening with the scabs healing

Day 5: more itching but not so bad, hardly any scabs left

Day 6: no itching, just tiny amount of scabbing left

Day 7: completely free of scabbing, only slight redness if anything on some of treated area



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